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Eri Yudi

Full Stack Developer | Web Developer | Freelancer

About Me

Hey my name is Eri a full-stack developer with 4 years of experience in software development and 1 year of expertise in IT support. My development skills span across PHP and Java, with a strong command of Spring Boot and Laravel frameworks.


Front End Developer

I have experience as fullstack developer. for the front end I often use bootstrap and tailwind for the css framework. sometimes I also use template from adminlte when create dashboard.

Back End Developer

Analyzing business processess and creating APIs for the front end developer base on API contract . I am strong in java language with spring boot framework, I also able to use php with laravel framework. for the database I ever use mongodb and mysql database

Web Development

Creating website with wordpress. I can help you to create a website for your bussiness. when build the website I often use elementor plugin. I also have experience integrate the website with google analytics to track the viewer in the website




API for Payment Gateway at Love Bali Website

When I still in Dimata IT Solution, I ever to be a part of team that handle payment gateway project for the Love Bali Website. Love Bali is a project owned by the Bali Provincial Government. In this project I have added some features and also maintain code for integrate with some payment method

Human Resource and Payroll System

I ever handle HR and Payroll Application Project called Hairisma. Hairisma is a software for Human Resource and Payroll Management owned by Dimata IT Solution. In this project I have add some features, maintenance the code and fixing bug.

Bali Giga Website (On Progress)

Sometimes I also take freelance project for create a website. Currently i am still on progress to create a website called Bali Giga. this website used to promote Bali Giga’s Villas

Natah Realty Website

This website is one of my freelance project. Natah Realty Website used to promote some service from Natah Realty like villa building, villa for lease, villa for rent, land for sale and land for rent

deli villa bali

Deli Villa Bali Website

This website also one of my freelance project. Deli Villa Bali website used to promote Deli Villa product and also to promote Deli Villa Company.

Api For Notes App

When I still work at PT Cipta Integrasi Nusantara as a Backend Enginner. I handle Notes App project. This app used for hospital and clinic management. In this project I have create APIs for MVP in Notes App. I also integrate the api with keycloack for JWT authentication

Customer Satisfaction Form with Laravel

This is a Laravel project that I create for learning. this app can used for the Front Office to know the client satisfaction at Front Office.

Recruitment and Job vacancy App with Springboot

Simple SAAS application I create for my final project in my college. This app used for employee recruitment. There is some feature I create like feature for create custom form, feature for manage job vacancy, feature for self-registration and etc.

Simple Shorten URL App with Native PHP

Php project I create without framework. this app just have one page. this app used for shorter the url.


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